NTC Data-Center designed and built a hardened, Class “A”, the first ever Tier III compliant Data Center in Pakistan. We deliver managed services and solutions to our enterprise customers. All NTC facilities are engineered to 99.995% service availability to deliver highly reliable and scalable power, environmental control and physical security.

Our state-of-the-art Data Center is engineered to utilize fully redundant industrial diesel-powered generators, uninterruptible power supplies, custom designed power distribution units and truly redundant industrial grade air-cooled environment control plants, which provide highly available power and cooling system... Read more...

Dedicated Server

NDC now offers an exciting new package where various branded servers are available on rental basis. You will get to experience a combination of superior quality with floor-low prices. These servers are built for high end business/mission critical computing requirements for corporate organizations running highly resource hungry applications such as ERP, CRM and database driven web-enabled applications.

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NTC provides Data Center / Rack space to their customers in order to reduce their operational cost and place servers in most secure, reliable and affordable place. NTC is Tier III compliant data center and understand customer’s needs.

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Web Hosting

Now you can keep your desktop with you wherever you are. IT administrators have easy and centralized way to manage employees' computers. Instead of each computer being separate, administrators.

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Cloud Server

For instance, if any company requires server resources to test a new product, a cloud server can be set up to only operate when testing is required. Once testing is complete, the VM can be powered back down and the company will only pay for disk storage, resulting in additional savings.

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Infrastructure Virtualization

The ability to run multiple operating systems on a single physical system and share the underlying hardware resources.

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Disaster Recovery

NTC offers innovative, cost-effective Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions for large and mid-sized organizations that need DR capabilities worldwide for their data centers. Having state of the art Data Centre, Radio and Fiber-optic Link, NTC can establish live replication link between primary and DR site.F

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