Cloud Server

For instance, if any company requires server resources to test a new product, a cloud server can be set up to only operate when testing is required. Once testing is complete, the VM can be powered back down and the company will only pay for disk storage, resulting in additional savings. Taking Self Provisioning Cloud Services to a whole other level, NTC uses an intuitive graphical user interface to enable the rapid creation of public cloud virtual machines (VMs). Our solution is simple enough that any business user can set up VMs in a just a few minutes, versatile enough to handle a wide-range of computing tasks, dynamic enough to match ever-changing data demands, and featured enough that tech-savvy individuals can tailor and customize as needed. Requisition of new servers and storage for data centers needs several justifications due to its cost and ROI. Cloud Computing has made it easy and now CIOs, IT Managers can get Servers with very affordable cost and required resources. The best thing is they can scale up the resources on fly whenever these are required. Cloud server is scalable and having elasticity features.