About Us

National Data Center

NTC Data Centre offers state of the art and top quality hosted services designed to grow as your business needs grow. This Data Centre provides a secure Data repository of Government /Public sector with ease of accessibility from anywhere in the world, in addition Security, reliability and high-availability makes our services the right choice for the business of all Government Organizations.

Our services include Premium Collocation and Virtual Solutions from which clients may choose the option of self-managing their IT equipment or avail of NTC’s Managed Services to manage their IT assets. Protection of valuable IT assets is critical to the successful management and growth of business. NTC’s Data Centre is highly secure and available and has the capacity to meet all market demands.

• State of the art rack pods to provide cold aisle airflow containment
• Network Resiliency provided by network links (when using NTC’s Managed Network)
• 24/7 monitoring facilities of NTC’s Network & Infrastructure
• UPS and Power Generators
• Fire Detection System
• Security controlled access

Backed by the latest technology and expertise, NTC’s Infrastructure Services enable organizations to offload day-to-day IT responsibilities to NTC’s Data Centre. Organizations can run their critical applications without the overhead of operating the underlying IT infrastructure. Clients can leverage NTC’s investment in world-class infrastructure, data protection technology, and optimized servers.